Hybrid Learning 
Hybrid (both in-person and online) P1 Interview Prep for K2 (held in Chinese)

Since this year, many Primary Schools have resorted to using both online and face-to-face modes of interviewing applicants.  To help children be better equipped in presenting themselves well online as well as at face-to-face interviews, we will introduce a course that features both an in-person lesson at Pebbles as well as an online lesson every week.  The lessons focus on developing children’s skills in interpersonal communication and storytelling, and include a wide range of interview techniques used by prominent primary schools in Hong Kong. The course will also nurture students’ creativity and enhance their self-confidence in expressing themselves so that they can make a positive impression in the interview process. 

The health and safety of our students remain our primary concern. During school suspension due to the epidemic, the face-to-face lessons will be delivered via Zoom lessons (30 mins +35 mins with a short break in-between) instead. For further details please refer to our Term & Conditions.

Starting February 2021. Stay tuned!

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