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Streamlined 2023-24 St. Catherine’s International Nursery (PN) Admission for Pebbles Students

We have some very exciting news for Pebbles students interested to attend our sister institution, St Catherine’s International Nursery!


Starting with the upcoming Course B and Course C programmes, Pebbles students can benefit from a new streamlined admissions process at St Catherine’s.  


Students enrolling in Pebbles’ Course B and C programmes - and who wish to apply to St. Catherine’s Pre-Nursery - will automatically bypass the initial assessment process for admissions. 


Given our personalized knowledge of your child from their time at Pebbles, our placement team at St. Catherine’s is comfortable to advance interested Pebbles students directly to a final interview stage.


As such, Pebbles students applying to St. Catherine’s Pre-Nursery for the 2023-24 school year no longer need to complete video submissions or sit for initial assessment interviews.


More details will be shared at a later stage, but we hope that parents will appreciate our latest effort to help ensure a smooth and successful transition from playgroup to primary level education.

St. Catherine’s International Nursery Application Process (1).png
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