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About Us

Building upon five decades in early childhood education, the founders of Pebbles strive to provide a fun and inspiring environment for both toddlers and parents.


We passionately believe that each stage in a child’s development should be embraced, not rushed.  Every little step should be cherished.

Sound pedagogy and tested methodology form the foundations of our holistic curriculum, designed to enhance your toddler’s all-round development. Parental support and education is integral to our programme.

Message from the Principal

Journey of Learning, Journey of Joy

Friendly teachers and staff, a spacious campus and a creative educational environment are the hallmarks of Pebbles Academy! However, what attract many parents to choose Pebbles may be our comprehensive and diverse curriculum.

Inspiring children's ‘5C’ potential is St. Catherine's teaching philosophy. The Pebbles Academy’s curriculum design aims to promote children's development in all aspects and is based on St. Catherine’s 5C learning philosophy. As such, the design and layout of Pebbles classrooms allows children not only to enjoy fun learning, but also helps nurture their inner abilities. We constantly strive for perfection in our curriculum and are proud to share a Journey of Learning and a Journey of Joy with our students and their families!

Comprehensive Language Instruction

Chinese and English lessons and classrooms are set up with different learning themes and environments. The children are encouraged to participate in role play, for example, experiencing shopping in a “supermarket”, having dim sum in a “teahouse” or going to a “carnival”... Through these simulated activities/stories, the children are inspired to speak and recognize some daily vocabulary and sentences. Through the play group process, they have an opportunity to develop their interpersonal skills with accompanying adults. Also, the children strengthen their fine motor skills through the instructional games specially designed by the teachers.

Fun Music Lessons

Not only our children, but the parents or guardians who attend our music classes also enjoy these lessons, where they can dance together and follow different rhythms: sometimes light, sometimes soft, and sometimes upbeat. These music lessons bring adults and children into the world of music together and they enjoy dancing and playing the instruments together in perfect harmony.

Bodybuilding Gross Motor Lessons

A strong body is what every parent desires most for their children. Therefore, gross motor training is one of the most important activities at Pebbles. In the gross motor playground, there are all types of equipment to promote the development of children's gross structure of the muscular system. Teachers arrange systematic physical activities and guide parents and guardians to properly assist their children in their lessons, so that they can continue to help their children develop these vital gross motor functions in daily life.

Exploratory Sensory Lesson

Sensory exploration is the way the youngest children learn. Children use their senses to explore things. Pebbles teachers have designed a systematic curriculum using different materials and methods to induce and incentivize children to learn by exploring. The teachers also help guide the children to express different feelings, transforming this sensory data from feeling to knowledge.

Unlimited Creativity Art Lesson

In our Messy Art classes, children's sensory exploration is stimulated, and at the same time, their hand-eye coordination is improved. The students begin to learn to appreciate the world of art. They don’t just learn to use different materials but also different techniques like collage, pasting, painting, and color sweeping which further strengthen the development of small muscles. Interesting students’ finished art pieces often become art exhibits in their homes, or gadgets that find regular use at home!

At Pebbles Academy, children enjoy participating in a journey of learning, and a joyful journey!

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