P1 Interview Fun 
( Face-to-face lesson )
Face-to-face P1 Interview Fun for K3 (held in Chinese)

The P1 Chinese Interview Fun Programme is designed to enhance the critical thinking and interpersonal presentation skills that are essential for interview success and enhance our children’s ability to communicate and self-express.


Programme activities are designed to enhance listening skills, creativity and general knowledge. The course will further develop observation skills and sharpen analytical and logical thinking skills in order to enhance the students’ self-confidence and problem-solving skills. Class sizes will be restricted to approximately 10 students, with 2 teachers. Each class will include a St. Catherine’s teacher who is currently teaching or has taught K3 and has experience in training and preparing children for P1 interviews. Mock interviews will be an integral part of this programme, both one-on-one and small groups. The programme will offer a mock interview for parents as well.  

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The health and safety of our students remain our primary concern. During school suspension due to the epidemic, the face-to-face lessons will be delivered via Zoom lessons (30 mins + 30 mins with a short break in-between) instead. For further details please refer to our Term & Conditions.

P1 Interview Fun (K3)

15 Aug 2022 - 25 Nov 2022)
Class 3A   1:25pm - 2:50 pm (Wed)
Class 3B   3:10pm - 4:35pm (Wed)
Class 4A   1:25pm - 2:50 pm (Thu)
Class 4B   3:10pm - 4:35pm (Thu)
17 Aug - 23 Nov 2022
17 Aug - 23 Nov 2022
18 Aug - 24 Nov 2022
18 Aug - 24 Nov 2022

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Fee: $500/lesson (Total 15 lessons)