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Streamlined Admissions for 
2024-2025 St. Catherine’s International Nursery
for Pebbles Students

We are excited to announce an expansion of our exclusive benefit for registered Pebbles parents who wish their children to continue on to St. Catherine’s International Nursery (PN).


Given our personalized knowledge of your child developed over multiple courses, Pebbles’ placement team is pleased to extend our recommendation to waive the first of a multi-step process for admission to St. Catherine’s International Nursery.


Starting with the upcoming registration for Course A, students that register for two courses (namely A and B or Course B and Course C) will automatically advance to the St. Catherine’s final interview stage, bypassing the initial assessment process. 


Pebbles students who register for the appropriate courses will no longer need to sit for an initial assessment interview or to provide a video submission in support of their admissions application.


We hope that this expanded streamlined process will provide the utmost convenience for parents and help to ensure a smooth and stress-free transition from playgroup to primary level education for students.

Reminder:  Please note that all parents who wish to apply for St. Catherine’s International Nursery must still complete an application.

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