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2025 - 2026
St. Catherine's International Nursery Application Process


Upcoming Classes

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Pebbles Art Workshop
Pebbles is offering art-focused classes that allow us to tailor our prestigious early education curriculum for a short-term hands-on and creative environment of self-discovery!
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P1 Interview Fun
The P1 Chinese Interview Fun Programme is designed to enhance the critical thinking and interpersonal presentation skills that are essential for interview success and enhance our children’s ability to communicate and self-express.
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Teeny Tots
Age: 12-15 Months

Language of Instruction: Cantonese, English

Development Goals:

  • Achieve developmental milestones in cognition, movement, language, and social and environmental awareness and response.

Programme Introduction: Our entry-level programme, Teeny Tots meets infants’ needs to learn via a variety of safe environmental stimuli and social interaction by engaging in a variety of development activities that help to engage the short attention spans at this age.   Programme revolves around a variety of engaging and educational elements including Art, Music, Sensory, Language (English and Cantonese) recognition, and physical exercises to advance gross motor skill development as we support our tots to take their first steps in education and life.

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Pitter Patter

Age: 15-22 months

Language of Instruction: Tri-lingual (Cantonese, Mandarin, English)


Development Goals:

  • Programme provides early emphasis on: Language, Sensory experiences, Cognitive, social and early communication skills

  • Build early confidence and independence across a number of skills

  • Introduce creativity and imagination

Programme Introduction: Building off of the essential introduction of our Teeny Tots programme, Pitter Patter expands the exciting exploration of our children’s evolving sensory environments via the introduction of circle times. Physically, we enhance our focus on developing and exercising our fine and gross motor skills development through an infinite variety of hands-on activities. Socially we widen our socialisation activities with the introduction of group circle time, collaborative songs and story time introduced into the programme. Language recognition focuses on the introduction of tri-lingual education with basic Putonghua instruction introduced.

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Age:  22-33 months

Language of Instruction:  Cantonese & English


Development Goals:

  • Build children’s confidence and competence in a classroom setting, pave way for progress to later education settings

  • Support the development of creative and inquiring minds

  • Enhance use of language skills in exploring our environments

Programme Introduction: Our Preppies not only look sharp, they are well prepared for their matriculation from Pebbles. After completing this course our children will have enhanced understanding of, and confidence in, a classroom setting and can confidently and excitedly advance to the first stages of formal education. Preppies introduces a variety of initiatives to help facilitate this transition with activities designed to grow and extend the children’s attention spans and instil positive behavioural traits so students can navigate their way in a formal school setting (socialisation and group behaviour expectations and standards, further language recognition and response skills, toilet training, basic independence and self-control behaviours).

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